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How to get your board members to focus on the mission

Top Tip! When presenting to board members or delivering workshops it is really important to take them out of their usual head space of reviewing accounts, compliance, crisis management etc and remind them of the heart of the organisation. I find this exercise invaluable.

1) Bring along a set of greeting cards or postcards with envelopes.

2) Give each board member a card

3) Ask them to think about why they volunteered to join the board of this particular nonprofit, why do they give up their time, what was the issue or cause that made them feel connected to this organisation.

4) Ask them to right this down in the card. Now the important bit

5) Don't ask them to share it. This is personal. Ask them to close the card, put it in the envelope and seal it - never to be reopened

6) Ask them to put it in their diary or notebook or somewhere they are likely to see it regularly 7) Everytime they see that envelope they will be reminded why they give up their time, expertise and passion for this organisation.

Now get started with the workshop :-)

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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