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Coaching - Take the Next Step in Leadership


If you're a CEO, Head of Fundraising or fundraising manager having fundraising coach who can point out areas where you can improve and make quick gains as well as areas where you might be focussing too much energy for a low return can be a huge advantage to you and your organisation.

Just like in sport a good coach will:

  • Identify areas where you need improvement and devise a training programme make those gains;

  • Work with you to plot a successful strategy for your team;

  • Use their experience and knowledge to make you better;

  • Provide constant feedback and encouragement to keep you focussed on your goals;

How does it work?

Our coaching sessions are fortnightly and we work in blocks of 3 months so that we can agree a body of work - analysis, learning, planning and implementation and then review the progress we've made before moving on to the next block. 


Sessions are usually 60 minutes long and involve:

  • A review and analysis of the previous months objectives;

  • What's currently on your desk? - Hot topics in work and at home that can be influencing our work;

  • Upskilling; 

  • Objective setting for the next month;

Sessions will be by video conference. Our experience is that this is the most effective method of maintaining the focussed attention of participants who have busy schedules.

You also have ongoing support from your coach via email or text to ask a quick question, float an idea or just have a quick vent.

Your Coach

For over a decade, Kevin Delaney has been leading non-profit projects and organisations. He is the co-founder of Academy Street Workshop a boutique agency providing workshops, training,  strategic planning and fundraising leadership for non profit organisations in Ireland and across Europe. 

If you're interested in having a fundraising coach in your corner email

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