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Festival of Fundraising and a lot more

School is back in full flow

It’s getting darker in the evenings

You’re starting to think about putting on the heat (but you might need to sell a kidney to afford it)

and C%^%&$%^$&$&^$^$%^%Mas is just around the corner (99 Days in case you’re wondering)

It can all be a little overwhelming.

Particularly in our sector where the end of the year seems like the coming of Doomsday when, unless an unlikely mix of crazy coincidences all come off, everything is going to come crashing down around us.

Don’t worry help is on its way :-)

Firstly - If you’re based in Dublin - we are delighted to be back working with Dublin City PPN to deliver the second annual Dublin City Festival of Fundraising!! This fun and engaging week of activities is targeted a community groups who rely on fundraising to deliver their programmes and services.

The week features sessions like: Intro to fundraising, grant writing, fundraising for migrant organisations as well as the opportunity to avail of 1:1 fundraising clinics.

All sessions are free and can be booked via this link

We are delighted to offer 2 Brand New Workshops this Autumn

Our Christmas Fundraising workshop recognises that Christmas is a hugely important time of year for most organisations. This workshop will help you focus on breaking down your income targets in to sensible chunks and understand what is most likely to help you generate the income you need. The session will be simple, practical and will leave you feeling that your goals are achievable. The workshop will be run twice on the 11th & 12th October with a morning and an evening session to cater for as many people as possible. Book Now


Planning for 2023 also launches this October. Starting a new year with a blank page is daunting and not the best way to ensure you succeed. Taking the time to work out what your goals for the next 12 months are for: projects, fundraising, organisation development etc and making a practical plan for reaching those is the best way to avoid panic, confusion and the feeling that you’re just keeping your head above the water. This workshop will help you make that plan. It will be practical, focused and aimed at helping you achieve your goals for 2023. We’re running this session twice on the 18th and 19th October with a morning and an evening session to cater for as many people as possible. Book Now

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of these sessions or would like to talk about your organisation and how might support you please get in contact on 086 6010 434 or

As always if there is anything I can help or advise you on don’t hesitate to ask

See you soon


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