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Fundraising Strategy

A fundraising strategy isn't a 50 page document setting huge goals that seem insurmountable unless you've recently been recruited to join the Avengers!


Yes the end result might look that way - but in the same way that seeing a delicious sourdough with melted butter and a poached egg can look like something you could never do by yourself once you have the steps laid out for you and you tackle it in small bite sized chunks it's not so elusive or scary.


And here's the big secret!


The strategy you write for yourself will be better than one you hire a consultant into write for you - well if you do it properly.


This is not to say that a great consultant can' work with you to create a great strategy. No, of course they can.


If you've put all the hard work, research, analysis in yourself then you will have a greater understanding of how to reach your goals, of where the challenges lay and it will be a plan that you believe in because its yours.


This is the philosophy that we follow to help you create an impactful and meaningful strategy for your organisation. 


Over the course of a series of workshops and coaching sessions we will lead you through the step by step process of building your own strategy. We will introduce you to  each section of the analysis and planning process and set you tasks to work through before the next session. Piece by piece we'll help you build out your own strategy, in your own words. At the end of the programme you will have a document built from the ground up that you believe in and have a deep understanding of. All you'll have to do is turn the plan into reality.


If you'd like to discuss your fundraising strategy please get in contact


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