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At Academy Street Workshop we ask questions;


Why should a donor give to you?

Why do you exist?

Why can’t a student change their community?

What problems are you trying to solve?

What's preventing you from solving them?

Why not grow your campaign into the biggest of its kind?

Why not solve the problem, close the doors and go home?

Why not roast your own coffee?

Why should we accept homelessness?

Why accept average?

Why not be exceptional?


We work with you to seek and find the answers to all these questions.

It’s who we are.

We’re inquisitive, persuasive, engaged, engaging, excited, passionate people and unwilling to accept average.

We challenge you to look in the mirror and answer the difficult questions about your organisation.

We will inspire and frustrate you.

We will expect you to be extraordinary and help you exceed our expectations.

Academy Street Workshop are nonprofit specialists and we'd love to meet you for coffee

Kevin Delaney

A professional fundraiser and nonprofit leader for over a decade. I am a believer in the ability of a few passionate people to make a difference in the world, but even the biggest hearts needs a helping hand.


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Eimear Clowry Delaney

Over a decade working with young people and non profits across three continents, I'm passionate about engaging communities in conversation, developing ideas and finding new ways of doing things.



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