Homemade Fundraising Strategy

Just like bread, pasta, garden furniture, beer - whatever you see people making for themselves online - you can develop a great fundraising strategy for your organisation from the comfort of your own home.

Yes you can...

Yes YOU can...


Ok sorry I won't shout.

Let's start at the beginning.

A fundraising strategy isn't a 50 page document setting huge goals that seem insurmountable unless you've recently been recruited to join the Avengers!

Yes the end result might look that way - but in the same way that seeing a delicious sourdough with melted butter and a poached egg can look like something you could never do by yourself once you have the steps laid out for you and you tackle it in small bite sized chunks it's not so elusive or scary.

And here's the big secret!

The strategy you write for yourself will be better than one you hire a consultant into write for you - well if you do it properly.

This is not to say that a great consultant can work with you to create a great strategy. No, of course they can.


If you've put all the hard work, research, analysis in yourself then you will have a greater understanding of how to reach your goals, of where the challenges lay and it will be a plan that you believe in because its yours.

So how can you bake your own homemade fundraising strategy?

Easy just follow the steps!

Step 1) - Why do we exist and what are we trying to achieve??

  • If you don't review your organisations mission and vision and make sure that you can clearly articulate - in simple words that your granny (or I) can understand - what the hell your organisation is about at a fundamental level then you cannot progress.

Step 2) - Why should I care about you?

  • Why should I give you my money and not give it to another cause - or buy new shoes

Step 3) - What are we good at? What do we suck at?

  • Internal analysis - holding up the mirror and asking ourselves some serious questions about what we currently do, what works, what doesn't and what are we going to do about it?

Step 4) - What the hell is going on outside the bubble of our organistion?

  • What is the best organisation in the world in our field doing that we can learn form? What's happening in society that can affect our plans? What great innovations are we seeing in our area.

Step 5) - Now you get to talk about your great new ideas!

  • Brainstorming is fun - we all love coming up with new ideas. BUT. You need to introduce a rating model so you can score all your new ideas against your ability to deliver them and their realistic return on investment. You also go back and do the same with your existing campaigns - What you already do might be better than the new ideas?!?

Step 6) - You've written your letter for Santa now what?

  • So just having a list of great ideas isn't enough. Some will need lots of planning and won't reap rewards for years. Some will be quick wins. Some might need existing projects to be closed.

Step 7) - How do you know if you're Amazing or not?

  • If you're going to do something new you need to decide what success looks like in advance. If you're going to claim credit for facebook shares after your event then you need to put a target against facebook shares in your plan!

Step 8) - Take Action

  • Every campaign, project, programme is made up of 1,000 tiny, easy jobs to do. If you do them all you'll succeed. If you skip them you won't. You need an INCREDIBLY detailed action plan.

Step 9) - Now What?

  • If you've done all these steps then it's time to print off the plan and start ticking off the jobs.


Well yes and no.

Of course I can't put all the detail in to a blog post and you can argue about the order of some of the steps but fundamentally this is how you can make your own homemade fundraising strategy.

There are lots of excellent books and sites out there that can lead you through your PESTLE analysis, SWOT and project planning process but the key is taking the time to do it yourself and do it honestly.

If you want to take on the homemade fundraising strategy but feel you'd like to be supported I'm starting two new Homemade Fundraising Strategy programmes to lead you to a new fundraising strategy for your organisation over 8 weeks. The details are below.

If there are any other nonprofit topics you'd like me to write about please send me your suggestions and I'll add them to the list.