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Facebook Fundraising @ Our Next Networking Event

The Next Remote Fundraiser's Network takes place on Monday 11th May @ 2pm.

Alongside our regular discussions on fundraising, what's working, challenges we're facing etc we'll have the awesome Jean O'Brien from Digital Charity Lab joining us for a brief session on Facebook Fundraising followed by a Q&A

Jean is a digital industry veteran with over 15 years experience working on the web in digital communications and design.  She has almost a decade of full time experience working as a digital specialist in Irish charities including Barnardos and Oxfam Ireland.

Digital Charity Lab provides a huge amount of free and very affordable resources on all aspects of digital fundraising and communications. You should check them out.

Jean has built up a great reputation for combining her in depth knowledge of digital communications and fundraising with a no BS practical and pragmatic approach to how you get things done. You can have a listen to her podcast on facebook ad strategy here which will give you a good start prior to her session and she has also set up a discount code for the Irish Fundraisers' Network for €10 off the strategic guide, which is available here:  you just need to enter the coupon irish-fundraisers at checkout. 

We encourage you to listen to the podcast / read the guide before the session, so you can have some questions ready in advance.

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