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Definitely Not The Ultimate Nonprofit Resource List

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

We constantly get asked for great sources of information for nonprofits. Case Studies, fundraising information, grants, governance advice and everything in between. So we thought we'd create a list.

This is an Irish centric list at the moment with a few international resources but if you know of some great sites, groups or anything else please let us know and we'll keep this list updated.

There is no order, ranking or precedent given to these resources. As we thought of them we put them down.

The Wheel is a great one stop shop for nonprofits in Ireland. They operate a membership model but there is lots of useful information on their site for free and they offer very cost effective training. If you're looking for information on structure, governance etc start here. They also list jobs, events, training etc

Funding Point is run by The Wheel and is the biggest resource for grants and funding opportunities for Irish Nonprofits. You have to pay for access but they do offer a free weekly funding point email that lists some of the upcoming grants that are available.

Dochas is an organisation catering mainly for nonprofits working in development. Their weekly Wednesday newsletter is something you should subscribe to as its a great resources for jobs, training opportunities and more

Activelink is resource for posting jobs, training, tenders. Listings reach a wide audience.

Boardmatch does exactly what it says on the tin. It is set up to help nonprofits match with potential board members. A great way for boards to grow beyond just their immediate network and access new members.

A membership organisation particularly focused on supporting nonprofits who fundraise. They deliver the Certificate and Diploma in fundraising, host regular networking events and host a very popular jobs listing.

The Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration is a site you need to get familiar with. It host a vast library of resources to help you design fundraising campaigns, learn from the most successful nonprofits and also to share your own experiences.

A US based publication/website which has great articles and reports on trends in fundraising, philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. If you're really keen on whats happening around the world and what trends we might see in the next couple of years its well worth checking out. There is an annual subscription but many articles and resources are free.

The UK version of Charities Institute Ireland the CIOF is a big provider of training and also hosts a lot of networking for particular interest groups. They also run the annual fundraising convention in London which is worth a visit

A global nonprofit organisation whose main output is to produce arguably the best fundraising conference in the world each year the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in Amsterdam

The North American body for fundraising which runs training, supports, conferences.

CFI provides loans for nonprofits who are looking to improve facilities, develop new programmes etc and are in need of finance.

Philanthropy Ireland works with philanthropist to promote the impact philanthropy has on society.

My Legacy works with its members to promote the concept of leaving a legacy to the wider public.

SEI runs a series of programmes for social enterprises at all stages in their development. Selection on their programmes is by competition

Rethink Ireland also supports social enterprises and nonprofits by way of grants and practical support.

The Community Foundation issues grants on behalf of donors

PPNs are attached to every county & city council in the country. Their goal is to provide a link between councils and the community sector. Membership is free and they provide a range of networking and training opportunities.

The Arts Council is the main funder of the arts in Ireland. They provide a range of grants for individual artists and artistic organisation

The goal of the heritage council is to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of our heritage. They provide grants for some heritage based projects

County Council

All local county councils provide a range of supports and funding for nonprofits in a variety of sectors.

Fundraising Everywhere is a membership based online provider of fundraising training, networking and conferences. It is a great access point to some leading fundraising experts.

Digital Charity Lab provides expert advice on online communications, fundraising and social media campaigning specifically targeted an nonprofits. They host a range of free and very affordable resources.

A Facebook group for fundraisers. A great resource for professional fundraisers who want to reach out to colleagues.

A free networking group created by Academy Street Workshop to pair fundraisers for an informal coffee to help develop friends and networks around the world.

A provider of training, consultancy and supports for their nonprofit member and partners both in the centres and online.

Volunteer Ireland is a network of volunteer centres that are based all over the country. They are a great resource if you are seeking to recruit volunteers or if you're interested in volunteering with a nonprofit. They also have great training on how to recruit and manage volunteers.

Enclude provides donated / discounted technology from all the main software companies in the world to Irish nonprofits. They also have a range of IT based services specifically for nonprofits.

Of course if you need any advice or support please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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