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Homemade Fundraising Strategy

The best and most likely to succeed fundraising strategy is one you develop yourself but it can seem a daunting prospect. Sign up to the Homemade Fundraising Strategy and we will lead you through the process.

Homemade Fundraising Strategy
Homemade Fundraising Strategy

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About the Programme

The Homemade fundraising strategy is a hybrid between attending a course on fundraising strategy and bringing in a consultant to develop a strategy for you.

If you attend a course then you are really left to interpret the content yourself, it can be difficult to know what is critical and what isn't and theres also the lack of an outside voice to 'hold you to account' for want of a better word. Not that doing the training is bad - I completed the certificate myself years ago and found it great.

The normal alternative is to hire a consultant who will do some workshops, ask some probing questions and deliver a strategy for you. This can be great as you get an outside opinion, ideally the consultant will push you and ask challenging questions but the risk is that it becomes the consultants opinion of what will work. Sometimes you can miss where ideas or suggestions are coming from and then it becomes harder to deliver. Also it can cost a lot of money.

The goal of the homemade fundraising strategy is tocombine the strenghts of these two approaches. We will bring you through all the different steps of creating a fundraising strategy using case studies and following best practice but you do the work. 

Each week (or fortnight, month depending on your capacity) we move to the next step in the process making sure you're clear what is needed, talking about how you will approach it and any potential challenges (does your database have the data you need etc) and also taking the time to review how far you've gotten since the last session. This way we can challenge any assumptions you've made, point out where you might be over focusing or under focusing and keep it honest. 

The programme will be delivered over 8 sessions in total and it can be spread out over a time frame that works for you. The big advantage is that when we're finished you will have a strategy that you feel confident in, that you know intimately because you created it and that will work in real life for your organisation.

If you'd like to have a discussion about the Homemade Fundraising Strategy please get in touch.

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