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At Academy Street Workshop we ask two questions;


Why? and Why Not?


Why should a donor give to you?

Why do you exist?

Why can’t a student change their community?

Why not grow your campaign into the biggest of it’s kind?

Why not solve the problem, close the doors and go home?

Why not roast your own coffee?

Why should we accept homelessness?

Why accept average?

Why not be exceptional?


But most importantly

We seek and find the answers to all these questions.

It’s who we are.

We’re inquisitive, persuasive, engaged, engaging, excited, passionate and unwilling to accept the status quo.

We challenge you to look in the mirror and answer the difficult questions

We will inspire and frustrate you

We will expect you to be extraordinary and help you exceed our expectations


You are the change maker

You are the leader

You are passionate and amazing

We'd love to meet you

Kevin & Eimear

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